3 Private Preschool Programs That You Need To Know About

You’re in the process of choosing a private preschool. But, you’re not sure what these different “educational philosophies” and types of schools are. You’re hearing words such as “Montessori,” “Reggio” and “Waldorf,” but you want to know more about what these mean. Understanding some of the different types of methods and theories behind early childhood education programs can help you to pick the best pre-K possible for your child. Montessori Montessori preschools offer young children the chance to choose from materials (that the teacher prepares) in open areas, according to the North American Montessori Teachers Association. Developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, these preschool programs have a child-centered approach that includes multi-age groupings with older children helping the younger ones out. Children are encouraged to act independently and explore through their senses. Some Montessori preschools are located within primary schools. This allows your child to stay within the same school (and the same educational philosophy) for more than the pre-K years. Reggio Emilia Like Montessori schools, Reggio Emilia programs are also grounded in research-based practices. This type of preschool focuses on the idea that children are naturally creative and curious. In Reggio classrooms the teacher works as a collaborator with the child and the environment is the third partner. This means the prepared setting of the classroom is intentionally created to help the child learn and encourage exploration. Teachers in...

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Top 4 Ways an ACT Tutor Can Improve Your Test Scores

Many colleges require applicants to complete the ACT exam, and in addition to aiding with admittance, this test is used to determine scholarship eligibility. Students would be wise to take advantage of an ACT tutor to ensure they obtain the highest score possible. Below is a list of four ways an ACT tutor can improve your test scores.  Instructing Your Teen One-on-One  While there are group ACT prep classes that your teen is welcome to sign up for, these classes don’t offer the one-on-one attention that you would get using an ACT tutor. With a tutor your child will be able to stop and ask specific questions or request a further explanation of a concept that he or she may not have mastered yet. Some students also don’t feel comfortable enough to ask questions in a group setting. Additionally, a tutor allows a teen to practice for the ACT at their own pace, not the pace of a large group. Discovering Your Teen’s Weak Areas The first thing an ACT tutor will do is have your student take a preliminary test to discover their weak areas. This allows the tutor to quickly review the subjects that your child knows well and then spend the majority of the time going over concepts that might be a little more foreign. With a plan that is constructed solely around your teen’s needs,...

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Three Tips for Applying to Colleges in Cincinnati

Your dream of going to college can be a reality when you follow some guidelines that will walk you through this process. Whether you are an Ohio resident or someone seeking out-of-state admission, Cincinnati colleges provide you with a great opportunity to continue your education. Some options include Antonelli College, the University of Cincinnati, UC Clermont College, and Cincinnati State Technical and Community College. When you are looking to apply to any of these schools, remember these great tips. #1: Set Up a Calendar to Map Out the Important Dates The college application process can be laborious, so one of the best things you can do is get organized. Create not only a checklist of important matters to remember but also a list of dates for deadlines. For example, you will need to remember dates for college admissions essays, letters of recommendation, and the applications themselves. You might also want to shoot for the early-admission deadline to increase your chances of getting in. Being efficient in this way will allow you to breathe easy as you apply. #2: Take Money off the Table as a Deciding Factor for a Moment Financial considerations and college attendance are nearly synonymous, but during the application process, you should try your best to put these issues to the side. Seek admission to the school that makes you happiest first and worry about how you...

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Four Benefits Of A Home Based Daycare Over A Child Care Center

Placing a child into the hands of another individual while you attend work or school can be daunting. If you do not have family or friends to watch your child while you are away, you have two options for child care. You can send your child to a home based daycare, or you can choose a child care center. While both of these child care providers can be very beneficial to your child, there are some advantages of placing your child in a home based daycare over a public child care center. To help you understand the differences, here are some reasons why you would want to choose a family based child care setting.  More One on One Interaction One of the biggest benefits of placing your child in a home based daycare is the amount of attention your child gets. This is more essential for younger children under the age of 1. In fact, child-to-staff ratio for children younger than 12 months should be 3 to 1 no matter what kind of childcare you have, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. When there is not enough adult supervision throughout the day, your child may not get their needs met. Many childcare centers offer a higher teacher to child ratio, whereas the home based daycare has fewer children enrolled.  At Home Feeling Sending your child to a childcare center may...

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Things to Consider When Deciding between Public and Private School

Once a child reaches school age, parents need to decide whether to send them to public school or private school. Sometimes this is an easy decision, like when there’s a really good local public school or there isn’t a private school anywhere in the area. Approximately 90 percent of American children go to public school, but there can be real benefits to attending private school in some cases. Understanding the pros and cons of each type of school can help make this decision easier. Cost The one factor parents can’t avoid considering is the cost of sending kids to private school. In elementary school, this averages about $5,330 per year for a Catholic school, $8,550 for a Montessori school and $18,170 for a nonsectarian elementary school. Tuition is much higher once the child reaches middle and high school, with the average for Catholic schools increasing to $9,790 per year and that for nonsectarian schools increasing to $25,180 per year. Military and boarding schools can run as much as $60,000 per year. The area of the country where you live also makes a difference, with schools in some areas charging more than three times as much as those in other parts of the country. Public school is, for the most part, free, although some schools require the purchase of uniforms or have fees for participating in certain activities, such as clubs...

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Three Tips For Those Entering A Graduate Business Program

Pursuing an advanced degree in business can be an excellent way of opening up career opportunities for yourself. Unfortunately, these programs can be extremely challenging, and there are some students that may find that they struggle to succeed. If you are about to enroll in business graduate programs, you should keep the following few tips in mind so that you get the most from your experience in them. Practice Being Outgoing In almost any field of business, your ability to network and socialize can prove essential in building the relationships that you will need to succeed. However, those that are naturally shy or introverted may struggle with this aspect of their career. If you are shy, you should make sure to use graduate school as an opportunity to practice being outgoing. By attending club meetings and striking up conversations with your classmates, you will be able to help yourself develop the skills needed to overcome your introverted nature . Avoid Being Trapped In An MBA Bubble Any type of graduate degree program can be remarkably intensive. In addition to long hours spent in class, you will also need to spend equally as long studying and working on projects or interning. Not surprisingly, it can be easy for individuals in these programs to find themselves in a bubble where they rarely interact with those outside of their graduate program. To...

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Three Ways To Make Your Child The Teacher’s Pet Before Starting Kingergarten

Having a child that is ahead of the class when they start kindergarten is every parents dream. It is not enough, however, for your child to know their alphabet, colors and shapes. Though knowing the basics creates a firm foundation for being ahead of the game, there are other important things that your child should know for their emotional well-being during the transition to kindergarten. Below is a list of skills you need to prepare your child for before they begin their kindergarten education.  Organization Skills It is important for your future kindergartner to learn how to be organized. Leaving a mess for the teacher to clean up becomes more of a hindrance than a help. Teaching your child the importance of being organized and putting things away when she is done with them will make it so there is one less thing for the teacher to worry about. Teaching your child proper organization skills is easy if you make it fun. You can buy inexpensive, colored baskets and help your child put away their items into the designated colored basket. For instance, toys go in one color, books go in another and so forth. Singing songs about cleaning up while organizing will add a fun factor that your child will enjoy. Emotional Skills Being emotionally ready for kindergarten plays a vital role in your child’s progress through their...

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A Few Things You Need To Know Before Sending Your Child To A Montessori Preschool

If you are getting ready to start looking at preschools for your child, you have a number of options. Many public schools offer preschool to children in the area, this would have your child going to the elementary school he or she will be attending in a few years. You may also pick a private preschool, picking which method of teaching and learning you want your child to experience. Some parents are worried about enrolling in a Montessori school for preschool if the child will be attending regular school after kindergarten. However, as long as the following two conditions are met, the experience and education received will be well worth it. True Montessori Program A true Montessori program consists of a consistent, carefully programmed learning environment. Unfortunately, there is no trademark or licensing agreement to use the Montessori brand. A school may use portions of the concepts, but not implement all of them or use the proper materials and learning tools. Investigate the school a bit, find out if it is a member of the American Montessori Society, or the International Montessori Council. You should also check with the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education to make sure that at least the lead teachers are certified. Next, check out the classrooms while students are present. A true Montessori class has children of different ages in it. Each class normally...

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